Recently, the question was posed on LinkedIn, What advice would you share with your 22 year old self?

The advice I would share with my 22 year old self would be avoid the treadmill of life.  Dream big and pursue those dreams immediately.

In my 20s and 30s, I went through life doing what I thought was expected of me by my family, peers or society.  I was on the treadmill of life until I got the courage to break free of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).  I was too comfortable in my life and not willing to make changes that would upset that perceived balance.  It took a life altering event to finally say enough is enough.  Take some risk, try new things, new places, new career, etc!  I had to start living my dreams.

Either you rule FUD or it will rule you.  You need to do things afraid.  You need to accept you will make mistakes and you will fail.  You need to reflect and learn lessons from those misfortunes.  Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he figured out the light bulb.

I am off the treadmill of life!  I moved my family to our dream location in the Rocky Mountains.  I take risks.  I have started several businesses over my career.  Some have failed, I learned.  I have a successful business going where I add value daily to our clients and Team.  The Team is allowing me to dream bigger than I ever have.  Don’t wait to pursue your life and dreams.  Dream it, Do it, Now!

Chris Conway

Chris Conway is president of Ember Coaching. Ember Coaching is about helping people develop life skills in leadership, relationships and how to think, not what to think, all centered on values and principles.