Ignite Your Passion

Personal Growth and Training

Very few people continue to grow and learn once they finish their formal education.  Ember Coaching believes people should be life long learners.  There is a saying “some people die at 25 and are buried at 75”.  Don’t fall into the trap of feeling ‘stuck’ in life, not able to pursue your dreams and goals because of a lack of knowledge.

Ember Coaching can help you determine your passions, dreams and goals and put plans of action into place to achieve the success you desire.

Training Programs to Help You Achieve More


A combination of education, peer brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.  My groups start with a deep dive study of a book and evolve into more of a think tank where we help one another.

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“5 For Life” are short ~5 minute presentations designed to teach, provoke thought and reflection and a call to action.  This program is scheduled for release as a subscription in June 2015.

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We will have a workshop series to help you determine your purpose, mission, values and goals and build an action plan to achieve success.  This program is scheduled for release in summer 2015.

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