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Can You be a Better Person or Leader?

Most people answer yes to this question. However, they have no idea how to become the best they can be. Here are some questions people often ask themselves when they do want to become a better person:

  • What is my purpose?
  • What are my dreams, visions and goals?
  • How do I achieve them?
  • How do I change careers or get that promotion?
  • What do I want to do?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • How strong are my leadership skills?

Ember Coaching uses proven methods to help people like you grow and stretch.  We help you figure out your purpose, create a plan to reach your dreams and goals, conquering your fears through executive coaching, personal growth and development.


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“Clear, concise, flexible, organized.  Capacity to embrace unique and unforeseen challenges.  Mature business coach.”

Byron Schramm

CEO, Midtown Chimney Sweeps


Find your purpose, priorities and intentions

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Grow and stretch your current thinking

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New Mastermind Group Starting up in June

What is a Mastermind

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Everyone Communicates Few Connect Mastermind

What stands between you and success…..the ability to connect with others.  Join us for a deep dive study of the the 5 principles and 5 practices to develop the crucial skills of connecting, including:

  • Finding common ground
  • Keeping your communication simple
  • Capturing people’s interest
  • Inspiring people
  • Staying authentic in all your relationships

The ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential.  Connecting is a skill you can learn and apply in your personal and professional relationships.

This Mastermind will run 5 weeks.  The location is virtual – in the comfort of your own home.  I am offering this Mastermind at two times:

$197.00 Add to cart

Monday at 6pm MT, starting 9/10/18


$197.00 Add to cart

Wednesday at noon MT, starting 9/12/18

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