Accounting Services

Do you have the financial information you need to run your business?  Is the information timely?  Do you trust the Financial Statements?  Do you understand the Story your Financial Statements are telling?

Bookkeeping / Accouting

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Payroll Services

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Cash Flow/Budgeting/Other

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Bookkeeping / Accounting

Timely, Accurate, Understandable

Success of a business is hinged on having timely, accurate and relevant information you trust in order to make business decisions.  Our team consists of professional bookkeepers and a CPA handling your books, giving you peace of mind.

  • Professional Bookkeeping Services
  • Daily, weekly or monthly updates to transactions
  • We can pay your bills and invoice your clients/customers
  • We can train and support your staff on accounting needs
  • Monthly bank reconciliation for cash and credit card accounts
  • We perform account analysis, make correcting journal entries
  • We prepare monthly or quarterly financial statements and review with you the story your financial statements are telling
    • Financial statements tell a story about the business and its decisions
    • We educate you on the story and how to read financial statements
  • You always have access to your books and reports

Payroll Services

Never Miss a Payroll Deadline

Payroll is complicated and full of ways to trip you up.  Let Ember Coaching & Financial Services be your trusted source for timely and accurate administration of your payroll.

  • You provide Hours and Tips
  • We calculate taxes and deductions, print checks or submit direct deposits
  • We timely remit all payroll taxes
  • We timely file payroll tax returns – monthly, quarterly & yearly, including W-2s
  • We maintain employee records
  • You have access to all payroll reports, pay stubs and tax filings

Cash Flow / Budgeting / Other

Tools to Run Your Business

Ember Coaching & Financial Services provides many services and tools to help you be successful with your business.

Cash Flow – “Cash is King” and the life blood of your business.  In our mountain communities, we are seasonal with significant ups and downs of cash flow.  We help you recognize and plan for this cyclical nature of business.

  • We educate you on the sources and uses of cash along with the advantages and disadvantages of each
    • Operations – a business must figure out how to provide positive cash flow from operations.  Any Biz is doomed when it continues to run negative cash flow
    • Borrowing Cash – the cash inflow solves immediate needs for working capital or purchasing equipment or other assets.  However, the cash flow from Operations must be enough to pay back the loan
    • Investor Cash – the cash inflows can be used for a variety of purposes similar to borrowing.  The tradeoff for this cash is someone else owns a part of your business.  Chances are they will have an opinion on how cash is used and how the business is operated
  • We help you plan both short and long term cash needs

Budgeting – Any business should budget their Operating and Capital needs, most do this by gut feel. 

  • Operating budget is you best guess on the income and expenses for your business over the next year
    • The Operating budget is compared to actual results on financial statements
    • This provides insight to managers to make adjustments necessary to move the needle in the right direction
  • Capital budget allows a business to plan for significant events such as new equipment, major repairs or business expansion
    • It provides the plan for how to pay for the new project
  • Ember Coaching & Financial Services can help with all your needs in budgeting, forecasting and preparing financial projections

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Financial Analysis – Financial Statements tell part of the story. KPIs and Ratio Analysis adds another element to the story.  Comparing your financial results to your industry or ratios the business world recognizes will tell you if your business is successful or skating on thin ice.  Watching certain KPIs or ratios will give you comfort or show where trouble lies.  We can help define what you should be watching based on your industry.

General Business Consulting – Our purpose is helping you achieve success and satisfaction for your business and personal life.

  • We help you define what success and satisfaction mean to you
  • We help dive deep, gain clarity on Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.  These are the “rocks”, the filter, for all decision making
  • We are experts in systems (Accounting, CRM, POS, Timekeeping, etc)
    • We help select, implement and train on these systems
    • Quickbooks, Dynamics GP, Salesforce, OnBase, Square, to name a few